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for a non-tea party strategy is taking a page from george w. bush's playbook trying to prove electability to national republican donors and republicans across the country and hope he ends up on wednesday morning the front runner of the establishment wing for 2016. the campaign is not hiding the message. look at the release called blue jersey. in the overwhelming democratic garden state, no republican candidate has earned higher than 50% of the vote in 28 years. >> for the republican party that lost last year in the presidential election, for the republican party that lost seats in the u.s. senate, for the republican party that has been disspirited for the last number of months, we need to show the republican party in america that we can win again. guess where they will be watching on tuesday night to see if we win. right here in new jersey. they will be watching us. >> christie is aiming for the widest margin of victory. he racked up a 750,000 vote margin and carried every one of the counties. virginia and new jersey usually vote together. if christie wins and cuccinelli loses, it will be
. a former deputy attorney general during the george w. bush administration. live coverage when it gets underway here on c-span. while we wait for that to get underway, a discussion from this morning's "washington journal." >> joining us to continue on a discussion about the health care law. joining us for the discussion, senior health correspondent. welcome. >> what is the latest? but unfortunately the sub contractors that runs the data hub had an outage last night. it was still down this morning. i checked before i arrived. yet another woe in the long saga that has dogged the website. there was a congressional hearing last night. they recommended more testing earlier. talked about how federal officials decided to turn off of browsing function that required a double make accounts. that created a backlog. a lot of attention and focus on the website. www.c-span.orghost: you get the homepage and then i was able to set up an account. i will give that a try. got a message the website was down. >> the smiling girl on the website, a story about that now missing as well. >> she is gone and hav
on any clinton campaign. in new jersey, chris christie is channelling george w. bush, the version from 1998 using reelection and hoping to use it to show electability and distance himself from unpopular house republicans. with christie next to line to take over the governor's association, they have been crisscrossing the country almost immediately, touting and perfecting his anti-washington message. let's bring in michelle bernard, president of the women for politics. and jackie. jackie, normally these first of the off, off year elections are the canary in the coal mine about what the climate could be for the following year and i think in many ways there's going to be a couple of lessons and on that front it's going to be, hey, look, tea party type republicans don't win. nontea party type republicans win. that's going to be the overgeneralization as far as the republican party is concerned, but there is 2016. there's a lot more to it than 2014. >> oh, yeah. if as we expect terry mcauliffe gets elected governor of virginia, we'll break that trend where usually a member of the party that
pursued politics. and then george w. bush. >> host: in the family, you write for those who study the fault line, the campaign of 1980 is instructive. because to dynastic sons chose to challenge their party's front runners and those two presumptive heirs base their candidacies solely on their sense of entitlement. >> guest: i am fascinated, not just by the study of power, but i am fascinated by the class system in this country. it isn't quite what it is in the united kingdom. it is more unspoken here. we don't night people. we don't place the earls here, the barringer, the dukes. no, but we do. and that kind of upper class, middle class, lower class permeates our society and it fascinates me. it's a form of self entitlement and it's a form of discrimination. and i like to see -- not that i like what i'm fascinated to see how it plays out. >> host: in the family you write that the legacy of prescott alcoholism became his destructive to the dynasty as denying its existence was to his immediate failure. prescott bush alcoholic? >> guest: and his son, jonathan bush, took umbrage when this book
eight years to 2005 when george w. bush was president and there are a number of nominees to the court that democrats were objecting to, very conservative nominees and there was a big stand still there. there is ultimately a compromise in those judges were confirmed, do we expect that it is going to end up where there will be a compromise here? >> well, that's the issue, i think that for the republican party, right? coming off the shutdown that we just had, the whole government shutdown issue, the republican party took a lot of hits for being obstructionists and unreasonable, and i think the white house and democrats can portray this as another round of that. it will be tough for the republicans. the republicans on their hand, they think this is a -- this is where you draw the ideological lines. these fights for these judges are where a lot of the social battles happen, as you're talking about with the birth control things, things like that. you get the judges in there, that's where you do the actual social conservatism you want to do on the judge level. they try to put those guys in t
. >> the special edition of sean hannity, george w. bush's ranch in crawford, texas. >> the suck and head of the you know what award. >> i'm talking to you. my buddy. >> sean hannity is a known liar. >> yeah, just kind of a set-up. sean hannity creating his own village. >> sean hannity cherry-picked a few words from a sentence to fit his message. >> this knucklehead, this idiot. >> sean, wherever you want to debate, you name the place, the time. [ bleep ] >> i go a capella. >> come on, give me a chance, sean. let's see if i'm the knucklehead that you think i am. let's have a debate, sean hannity. ♪ >> oh, it's friday. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. who do you trust? you know, trust is a heck of a thing. trust is huge in your personal life. who do you trust in business? who do you trust, people at work, people in your neighborhood? who do you trust on obama care? all the coverage out there and everything that's taken place, especially this week. this week has really been a very interesting week. but who do you trust, and what influences you? you know, when
on the show. >> george w. bush, we were talking about the yesterday, did george w. bush cap -- >> did the bush administration do this type of a baum dream. >>. >> of course, we did. again, i will not get into any specifics here. but this is normal behavior between nation states. this is an "r" rated movie. this is how adult nations treat each other. it's fully accepted. let me give you a concrete example. remember president obama was kind of wetted to his blackberry when he was coming into office. folks like me were saying, this is a big deal, we thought we worked out a compromise, nsa threw a couple defensive tools into the blackberry. now he uses his blackberry. let me give you the backdrop to that story, joe, mika. the most powerful man on earth, the most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth was just told that his communications were susceptible to intercept by dozens of foreign embassies inside his own national capitol. we didn't render garments. we didn't protest. we realized. that's the way things are. >> you aren't shocked by angela merkel's phone being monitored? >> no. >>
much better. everybody hates george w. bush. this is all we need for a brand new world. little did we know while he was giving that speech in berlin his people were bugging every office. think about the damage this has done and this is one more of those bush/cheney programs that this administration has taken to ridiculous lengths. >> the real world implications is massive. the damage has been done that's not just political but mic economically. the idea that the president doesn't know about these things over and over again -- i imagine people think it's a better explanation than saying he did know. that's hard for me to see how it's a positive. if that is true that's alarming. given that they are arguing this wholesale review we have not heard a revamp of this from the president. he made his speech, he made his press conference. he needs to go back and explain exactly what's happening. these revelations keep coming and more will continue. >> one more story before we go to break. over the weekend the affordable care act main website went into a bit of an overhaul. >> that's good. i sho
george w. bush was trying to appoint to the court. the fact is right now by law there are three empty seats there and democrats say that's what the president's job is to do is to fill the empty seats. >> you would hope he would talk a broader look at where there are judicial emergencies because of heavy case loads and lack of judges both at the trial court and the appellate level. but it is clear that you are right, there has been a bipartisan-ship when it comes to dealing with this. the democrats blocked george w. bush's nominee. they say there was not enough work to do. the work lead has gone down since that time. the senator has a sensible piece of legislation that would transfer these seats to other places in the country where they have a very heavy case load. at a time when the budgets are tight and we are looking for places to save it seems to me using these judge usa pointed by president obama -- appointed by president obama by the way and in other places they are needed makes sense. >> you mentioned judicial emergencies and just so people understand there are federal circuits
new york times" and authorçó of "days of fire" about the relationship between george w. bush and dick cheney. syndicated columnist george will. fox news political analyst juan williams. the president said this week the website may have problems but the plan is just f1nñ does that mean, brit, once they fix the website, as they say they will by the end of november, that the problems go away? >> i think not. i think we can assume the website will sooner or later get fixed and hundreds of thousands of people will sign up using it. but the test really, chris, and the administration clearly knows this, is whether enough young, healthy people sign up to if you furnish the premium, the money needed for the elderly sick people who need the care. we see two things to suggest that might not be so. one, a lot of signing up going on is for medicaid. medicaid, of course, doesn't bring in any money. it spends money. it is an entitlement. it spends money. the second is all kaoeufrpbdz people are getting -- all kinds of people are getting thrown off their insurance companies. the president made as ex
contrast of the george w. bush administration to deliver a freedom agenda sometimes through the barrel of a gun that would bring democracy to a region that has known mostly misrule. that doctrine or its application proved entirely unworkable as the society's freed of their authoritarian shackles had nothing on which to build. we may be relearning this in libya as well. these setbacks and the realization that democracy building is a generational undertaking must not lead us to disengage from the region. the forces freed by the arab spring will not be contained, and i still believe they can lead hundreds of millions of people to more representative forms of government, more economic opportunity and we must hope more tranquility and peace within their borders. the united states needs to help build institutions capable of supporting a transition in the arab world and three dimensions, political, economic and civil society. unmet economic needs are the most pressing. at its heart, the arab spring is the expression of discontent of millions of arabs that sees the economic opportunity that th
. that's a better performance than the e.p.a. had at the circuit during george w. bush's administration. in particular, the e.p.a. has scored landmark victories on cases relating to greenhouse gas regulations, ethanol-blended gasoline, and mountaintop removal coal mining. but beyond energy and environmental issues, the d.c. circuit court has upheld president obama's executive order regarding embryonic stem cell research on two separate occasions, in 2011 and 2012. again, these aren't my preferred outcomes, but i think it demonstrates that the d.c. circuit court has learned to strike a balance and certainly is not pro-administration or anti-administration. it epitomizes what a court should be, which is an impartial administrator of justice. again, this same court upheld the affordable care act in 2011, ruling that the individual health insurance mandate was constitutional under the commerce clause. we know what happened when it got to the united states supreme court. they had a different view. but it demonstrates the kind of judicial restraint that the current d.c. court, balanced as it
george w. bush. watch. congressman brady said, quote -- same guy we just saw. he says in a major reform, there are bound to be glitches. congressman price says kinks in part "d" got worked out. and congressman sam johnson told administrators, quote, you guys have done a super job. very different when it was part "d" of medicaid under george bush and now what they're saying under the administration under this bill that is providing health care for millions of people. >> well, reverend, you know, i'm a law and order man. and we have a law that people don't want to obey. and so consequently, we're going to have to order as many young people who want insurance to enroll. the thing they want more than anything else is for the young people who we are going to depend on enrolling in the program for it to work not enrolling. and we've got to push that. all of this stuff that they're doing and saying, some of it is silly. suzanne somers, three's company, yet she won't keep company with facts. but i think the things that we're seeing right now, they are absurd and they would be laughable if it wa
at the local gang of 14 got out of the judicial nominations standoff when george w. bush was meant said this was an extraordinary circumstance, which was always the exception that senators to sign onto the the gang of 14 deal allowed themselves. it's tough to see what the next deal might look like. >> host: viewers can follow on twittering reid reporting of niels lesniewski at rollcall.com. >> guest: thank you. >> the homeland security held a committee at the washington navy yard that left 13 dead. oklahoma senator tom coburn questioned witnesses and people with security clearances who also have tax problems. here's a look. >> so what is the answer? one of the answers has to be, doing the job that we do better, one. number two, the other has to be using data that is available. you know, the form -- this form, for 20 bucks you can get 90% of the information on the internet. it's in this war. we pay 2400 bucks for a top-secret clearance. is that right? it's about what we pay. it's about $2400. >> for a top-secret, it's more than not. it's a little over 4000. >> 4000. what do we pay? >> ab
like george w. bush did when he ran for governor of texas. and then ran for the presidency. and i think if you look at the republican party, they're going to have to take a look at someone like chris christie. who is winning in a blue state, by appealing not just to the base of the republican party, but actually appealing to those independent voters. that have been so elusive to republicans in the past. so the party has to kind of make a decision about that. because if you look at the state of virginia, which you were just talking about, the republican candidate who seems to be behind is a tea party candidate. and so, you know, these are the sort of two flip sides of the republican party, at some point they're going to have to make a choice about what they can win with in 2016. >> that virginia race is a whole lot closer, mcauliffe in the polls slightly ahead. but you know what, that race could wind up pretty tight. >> well, i think the race could wind up tight. look, terry mcauliffe has brought in every big gun in the democratic party there is. big and hillary clinton, old friends, he'
, appointee of president george w. bush. and then yesterday the d.c. circuit took aim at obama care and found private employers can refuse to provide health plans that give access to birth control under the affordable care act. the authority of that decision, justice rogers-brown. another bush w. appointee. judge brown, if employers oppose birth control on religious grounds, what about viagra? but i digress. brown and owen are not just any appointees but both put on the bench in 2005 after only a two-year democratic delay of their nominations. republicans threatened the use the nuclear option to vote them through with a simple majority. that led to something that we rarely hear about, a deal. seven democrats, seven republicans. the gang of 14. they came together and decided from then on judicial nominees would only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances. ideology not being one of them and that is the deal that put both brown and owen on the bench. leaving us with two women responsible for two terrible decisions affecting american women. now back to today where this week we saw sena
includes captain charles l. lindburgh, former president george h.w. bush, brigadier general jimmy doolittle, general curtis la may, senator john mccain, senator george mcgovern, jimmy stewart, and admiral jim stock dale to name a few. the march air force reserve base of the t the c-17-a's air mobility wing is adjacent to the location of the memorial at the museum. visitors are able to witness active operational air units, providing support to our troops around the world, which is an appropriate setting that honors the many aviators who have distinguished themselves by deeds performed in aerial flight. aid like to thank those who worked tirelessly to ensure this mom morial was built and properly designated to honor the distinguished aviators that have served this great nation. in particular i'd like to recognize jim, late wife, trish, distinguished flying cross society's president, chuck sweeney, and the society's historian, dr. barry lamann, who was instrumental in this effort. again i hope you'll join me in supporting the designation of the national distinguished flying cross memorial at
different than in terms of president george w. bush. >> the obama administration spied on at least 35 foreign governments according to "the wall street journal". they did not deny the spying. the white house said all spying tactics are under review. some have already been canceled like surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel's cellphone. it has infuriated he and severely damaged u.s. relations. a prominent newspaper said obama had known of the spying since 2010. he was informed personally that year. the administration denied that confrontation took place. the mess in europe is now spilling into some corners of congress. >> they don't believe ever listening to the head of state of an ally is appropriate. i would hope the president is as upset as all of us are in congress. >> reporter: some lawmakers say europe needs to grow up. >> if the french citizens knew exactly what that was about they would be applauding and popping champagne corks. it's a good thing. >> reporter: the white house promised merkel the surveillance canada. others want the same rules. >> senior correspondent
stop trying to make political points, and i'm sitting there thinking if this were george w. bush, you guys would have had -- connell: that's always way. >> they sound so self-righteous when they try to say we're just going to try to make it right. dagen: the spin now is that these plans that people are losing, these insurance plans that individuals are being cut off from where they have to go and buy -- in some cases, more expensive policies. it was the evil insurance companies selling people fraudulent insurance or bad insurance, and then the people who were buying it were too stupid to know that they were getting ripped off. that is the talking point. and i guess they're, the democrats' calculus is that there is such a small percentage of americans, voters who will be impacted in this way losing their insurance and having to pay more, they just don't care. >> well, i think anytime you start talking and saying, calling the american public stupid, you better watch out if that's what you're basing it on -- dagen: not stupid, but duped. >> because the other thing is i was talking to, ag
clinton to h.w. bush. >> to george washington. >> nothing new. why these allies are so disturbed by it. >> do you think they are doing it for show. >> yes. >> and i think president obama is in a position where he didn't want to hurt their allies in domestic policy so they have to think about ahead. yes we stopped that. the wows could not have reviewed the policy and stopped it and never knew about it because that means he didn't make any of the decisions. >> here's leader so and so wouldn't you sort of assume from that quote -- >> if you are a highly skilled leader who follows up how do we get the information. if you assume he's not reading the briefing, the president has not been reading his intelligence briefings. didn't read benghazi. he was golfing. >> i would be shocked if the president of the united states didn't read his morning briefing, really. >>> coming up, bob has good advice on what he thinks the president should do with obama care. hint, the rest of the table may not agree with his regular nations either. test test female narrator: the mattress price wars are ending soon
. it's an out-of-this world and totally adored halloween from george w. bush. this is him trick or treating in new york with his granddaughter mila. shy was dressed up as space cadet. >> mila is george bush's first granddaughter born in april this year to his daughter jenna. the baby is wearing a nasa outfit. under the obama administration it's been cut no shuttle program. >> they have a lot of outfits left. >>> speaking of political statements, the associated press, the organization of largest news organization in the world, i believe, the photo who has covered the president for years came out against the obama administration saying the control over photographs is so tight that in effect it equals propaganda. they have said in the past five years there have been only two photographs allowed in the oval office of the president. >> yes, santiago lion is the director of photograph for the associated press, basically says he has only been allowed into the oval office two times, which, in historically has not been the case. what they do is release the photos from the white house. so
timkovich to come and testify. he was nominated by george w. bush to soarch the tenth circuit court of appeals. george timkovic testified that the federal judiciary needs more judges, not fewer. every other year the judicial conference submits to congress a report on recommendations on judgeships that. report did not conclude that any judgeship should be removed or remain unfilled on the d.c. circuit. judge timkovic also explained when the caseload statistics used intoim of our colleagues to argue that the d.c. circuit has a low caseload and, thus, need not have its vacancies filled, are in fact unconvincing. the d.c. circuit in fact hearings hears a unique load with four times the number of complex administrative appeals than other circuit courts arranged the country. the d.c. circuit is the circuit from which all the federal agencies' examples are eapeeled. it's caseload is made up of very complex, very difficult cases with far-reaching consequences and that require a great deal of time. so simply looking at the raw number of cases filed, opened, and closed is not an accurate pred
calling bush a liar, george w. bush and he just kept saying, keep repeating that, keep repeating that until everybody just keeps calling him a liar. i'd like to ask david corn when he's going to start calling this president a liar because so many things, you know, benghazi, the n.s.a., the i.r.s., and now this whole health care bill is such a farce. it is a joke. guest: can you tell me what the president lied about when it comes to benghazi? caller: the first thing, we don't know what he was doing. guest: no, we're talking about lying. you said the president was lying about benghazi. can you give an example? caller: everybody covers for him. he doesn't have to answer for anything. all he ever does, he's out campaigning all the time and he's supposed to be a president. i'd like to ask you, why is he a president? he doesn't lead. he doesn't do anything. all he does is go out there and agitate people. he's a community agitator. he has divided this country and we don't want anything part of your leftist progressive views. host: let's give him a chance to respond. guest: well, i don't
to ask, you know, he was the first one that came out and started calling bush a liar, george w. bush, and he just kept saying, keep repeating that, keep repeating that until everybody keeps calling him a liar. i want to know when he'll call this president a liar. we have so many things, benghazi, the nsa, the irs, and now the whole health care bill, it's a joke. >> can you tell me what the president lied about when it comes to benghazi? >> caller: well, the first thing, we don't know what he was doing. >> guest: talking about lying because that's -- you raised the issue of calling someone a liar, so you just said the president was lying about benghazi, so can you -- >> caller: right, david. everybody covers for him. he doesn't have to answer for anything. all he does, out campaigning all the time, and he's supposed to be the president. i want to ask, why is he president? he doesn't lead. he doesn't do anything. he just agitates people. he's a community agitator, and he has a run that divided this country, and we don't want to be part of the leftist progressive views. >> host: let's g
a good reaction in the market. george w. bush took over when the stock market was in dot-.com bubble territory. it was deflating. the market under his watch was down 40%. it culminated in the meltdown of 2008 and you had what was looked at as a fairly friendly and amenable securities submission and it's on the subprime disaster. the most recent column about the quiet obama rally. norma is joining us. this program carried live on bbc in great britain. joining us from hastings, england, go ahead, please. >> norma? glad to hear from you. >> hello, hello, am i on air? >> you sure are. >> i would like to ask the gentleman about aig-sp. i think the average person in this country wouldn't know if you went out to the street what a bull and bear market are. they wouldn't know. and didn't aig-sp open in britain by side stepping american banking laws? because the trader exactly that, that they opened up in britain in order to side step the american banking laws. and if that is the case, and american taxpayer took the quantitative easing that aig created, is there anger across america that it wa
of wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, iowa. and truthfully it's been since really the george w. bush's re-election in 2004. they haven't been tremendously competitive in these areas. i agree with chuck. the real big lift for chris christie politically begins after he gets re-elected and that is how does he take this image of being electable and win a primary. because it's going to be an exceedingly difficult thing to do. you know, interesting to watch ralph reed with the faith and freedom voters is, you know, can chris christie appeal to a faith and freedom voter. and can he run this gauntlet of a primary which is very difficult. >> why wouldn't he? again, he's pro life. he sends his kids to a christian school. seriously -- anyway. >> we'll get to obama care in a second. >> he's a conservative winning in new jersey. really quickly i want to ask you about alabama. a district right by my home town of pensacola, florida. >> thought you were going to talk about college football. >> you got bradley burn, running against dean young. this is seen as a bellwether. bradley burn, i know the guy, l
. there is also this from resident george h w bush, tom foley represented the very best in public service and our political .ystem one class act tipping his hat to another. tom service and record is impressive. as is the sequence of his rise. committee chairman, majority whip, majority leader and speaker. fairness, sense of his port in the storm bearing that will always stand out for me. it's how he held this institution together at a very difficult time, and it is why those who come after us who seek to know what it means when we use that phrase man of the house, or just what it means to leave something behind, should name thomas s foley. today we gather in the old hall, joined by presidents, vice presidents, speakers, so many of our colleagues and diplomats that tom served with and to reminisce about this man's service and a toast to his life. welcome and thank you all for being here. [applause] >> let us pray. god of heaven and earth, the work of your hands is made known in your bountiful creation and in the lives of those who faithfully live in your grace. today we especially remember the son
-boo. george w. bush and his grandchild. >> that's nice. >> the president looks like he's in college. >> he looks so happy there. >> heidi klum dressed as an older woman. heidi klum with an aarp card. julianna rancid as a real housewife. is that a bandage on her knouse. leon ryan. >> dolly parton as kenny rogers. >> that's cute. did you guys get dressed up? >> we've got pictures from the "fox & friends" crew. first up, this is the guy who greeted the children in my neighborhood. i've got a feeling not many of the kids are coming back next year. what do you want! >> how fast did they run? >> fast enough. >> imitation is the finest form of flattery. do you think your son was happy you dressed up like that? >> he thought it was funny. meanwhile, elisabeth hasselbeck out there in the suburbs of new york city. >> darth vader was taylor. guys, if you take a picture for mommy, she'll stop asking. they were running away from me. they would not pose for the picture. >> brian, your children were dressed as something yesterday; right? >> yeah. take a look. there they are. there they are. they are so c
, then president george w. bush nominated him to be secretary of homeland security, but that came to an abrupt halt when kerik pled guilty to tax evasion and lying to the white house. he served three years in a federal minimum security prison in maryland, and he was released back in may. we spoke to kerik exclusively earlier this week, just days after his home confinement ended, and i began by asking how he's doing. >> i feel pretty good. it's all a transition. it's a pretty intense transition to come home. >> talk to me a little bit about daily life. what was it like for you? >> there isn't much you can do in prison. my daily life consisted of reading. i think i read over 300 books while i was there. i did a lot of writing. i exercised a lot. >> you thought a lot, i would imagine. >> you do a lot of thinking. >> did you mix with the other inmates? >> yes. i mixed -- >> are ywere you scared about t? >> no, but i was with men that were sentenced to 30 years. a lot of people were skeptical. a lot of people were, you know, a lot of people didn't want to come near me, didn't want to talk to me. but ove
, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. . >> george w.h. bush, the next election, the 1992 election couldn't have felt farther away. it was the first thing and may be the only thing on the mind of a notorious corner-cutting oertive named lee atwater. atwater had been the mastermind behind bush's 1988 victory. he had been awarded the chairmanship of the national committee. he was thinking how to get his boss reelected. which is why in the fall of 1989, atwater was keeping a close eye on the state of arkansas. everyone in politics knew a democrat bill clinton wanted to run for president. no one took him that seriously. atwater looked at clinton and saw a threat. he saw a young intelligenic southerner, northern liberals led the democratic party to two state national drubbings, the guy can win back the voters at the core of the reagan-bush coalition, a guy under the right conditions could knock off j.w.h. bush in 1982. atwater became up with a plan, a governor's race, clinton would be running for re-election, he would use it as a springboard
the approach here. kind of reminds us of george w. in 1998 when he was running for reelection as governor. but was it really a reelection for governor that was looking at an election for the presidency? >> well, very much difference in texas than in new jersey. texas is solid in our column every cycle. reliable. rick perry's the governor, one of the longest governors there. new jersey's not in our column. even when the governor weighed in on the senate race, we couldn't get it in our column. he's a unique politician in a unique place in history. he brings a lot to the republican party, to the table. but when you leave new jersey, colorado, south carolina, florida, tennessee is not new jersey. so once you move to that bigger stage, people are going to start examining -- >> how will he do that? >> that's going to be difficult. he is a charismatic individual. he's going to win what the demographics are, no matter. once he's a competitor and moves to the next level and once you've been on a presidential campaign and the vans fill up and follow you and you have the real reporters with you, thi
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